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In close collaboration with the administration of the two schools, Promo2Tel is the association that recruits students who wish to attend various events such as student fairs, school promotion forums, etc.
But Promo2Tel is not just that! Every year, a team of about ten people realize the Alpha Plaquette, which lists all the assos of the campus! To do this, Promo2Tel works in collaboration with all other assos and clubs.
Also, members are responsible for realizing the Yearbook, the souvenir book of the promo! Thanks to him, the students will have a memory of their comrades and the events that marked the life on the campus! Finally, Promo2Tel supports the Store! Mugs, bags, bottle openers, etc. We not only choose the products, but also create the design, negotiate with the suppliers, etc ...
Promo2Tel is both the opportunity to learn or improve its level in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc ... and the opportunity to make the image of Telecom SudParis and Telecom Management School outside and Inside the campus!
If you want to join us in the adventure, you will have to be motivated, love your school, want to work as a team and above all ... be ready to come to all our aperitifs and eating evenings! Because yes, we know to be serious, but we also love a lot of fun ;-)

Alicia Paya - Présidente Promo2tel

Neil Levin - Vice-président TSP

Laure-Hélène Picand - Vice-présidente TEM

Edgar Experton - Trésorier

Camille Berda - Secrétaire

Samy Amreddine - Respo Com

Inès Laribi - Respo YearBook

Baptiste - Respo Plaquettes Alpha

Mika Vo - Respo Store

The role of our association

  • Promotion forums At Promo2tel, we offer students the opportunity to return to their home institution with the full cost of transportation to attend their forum.
  • Store The Store produces a number of products stamped TEM and TSP (mugs, bottle openers, sports bags and many others ...). Store Télécom was born in 2015 with a clear idea: to make Telecom a brand of which we are proud! So, do not hesitate to visit our site to discover all our products.
  • Alpha Plate The alpha brochure, PA for intimates, is a communication tool that presents the student associations: BDE, ASINT, BDA as well as the many other associations and clubs present on the campus of Télécom SudParis and Télécom Management School.
  • YearBook Yearbook is a photo book that allows to present a trombinoscope of all the promotions present on the campus this year as well as the teams making up each club or association. It thus constitutes a beautiful memory of a year loaded with precious moments.

Contact Us

Télécom Managment School

9 Rue Charles Fourier

91000 Évry

Phone : 01 60 76 40 40

Mail : promo2tel@tem-tsp.eu

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At the beginning of the school year, a new Promo2Tel team is taking shape. We recruit 16 TEM regions and 12 TSPs. Their role ? Recruit students from campus to cover as many forums as possible to maximize the promotion of schools. To do this, we will have to recruit and train the students who will represent our schools. But it is also the opportunity to start investing in all the other projects of the association: the Store, the Yearbook or even the Alpha Plaquette!

Then, in December, the award will be made and you will be able to apply for the posts of responsibility of the association. President, vice-present treasurer, general secretary, project manager or communication manager, you have the choice!

A single step separates you from this great family that is Promo2Tel: an interview of motivation with us, the 2As. Nothing simpler: just show us your motivation and your desire to work with us, for Promo2Tel!

Of course, as there is a limited number of positions, there is a selection, but if you are motivated and you know our projects, you have all your chances! Concerning the registration for the interviews, we will very quickly inform the procedure. Do not hesitate any more and join us! We are waiting for you ! :-)